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Airsoft is a game similar to paintball in which players eliminate opponents with 6mm plastic BB’s via replica firearm (BB’s can weigh anywhere from .12 grams to .3 grams). Airsoft rifles shoot at a speed that is not likely to be harmful or injurious to a person, with velocities ranging from about 100 fps (feet per second) to roughly 420 fps (500 for snipers). It is a tactical sport that engages players in reenactment and scenario games. At Mr. Paintball USA, there are airsoft walk-on games every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Airsoft Self-equipped admission $25

Includes park admission and all-day air

*Full-face masks and barrel socks are required at all times

Airsoft Rental Package $54

-Includes park admission, upgraded electronic rifle, full-face mask, 1,000 bb’s and one red rag


Hosted Airsoft Events at Mr. Paintball USA, Escondido California

Cutthroat Savages
– Hosting every 1st, 2nd, 3rd Saturday & 4th Sunday

Team Therapist
– Hosting every 2nd Sunday

Task Force Leonidas
– Hosting every 4th Saturday



Due to popular demand, we highly recommend to reserve in advance.
Birthday Package includes: M4 Airsoft rifle, 1000 BB’s, facemask, entry $49.00 each & Free pizza for reserved groups of 6 or more players (see “Reservations” Page).